Our Little Corner of the World



The secluded town of Casmalia is getting its first new business in years with the opening of the Casmalia Corner Market in the historic Post Office building.

Owners of the new business say the town of Casmalia has been without a general store for several years forcing residents to purchase convenience store items several miles away in Tanglewood, Orcutt or Santa Maria.

Its a new beginning for a building that's been around longer than anyone can remember.

The new Casmalia Corner Market aims to bring convenience to a town that's gone without for years.

"I have a lot of faith that it can work", says Michael Garcia with the Casmalia Corner Market, "with the right products any store can work, its all about knowing your people that surround you and what their needs and necessities will be."

The historic building that houses the Corner Market and the Casmalia Post Office sits in the center of a town in a quiet northwest corner of Santa Barbara County that prides itself on its bucolic serenity and seclusion.

"I think that might be why more people, the people that live here, are drawn here", says local resident Jeanette Hall, "because maybe there isn't that much business out here, so we don't get that much traffic."

The dozens of people who call Casmalia home are looking for convenience goods without having to drive several miles to Tanglewood, Orcutt or Santa Maria.

"Absolutely", says local resident William Henson, "it will the help the town thrive a little bit more than we have been."

Jeanette Hall says she too welcomes the new Casmalia Corner Market, saying change is good for the town, as long as its not too much.

"Stay just like it is", Hall says, "7-11 or whatever? Oh gosh no."

The owners of the new Casmalia Corner Market plan to stock their shelves in the coming days, they plan to sell beer and wine and hope to help attract a Farmer's Market to the center of town.